​NH Winners from the 2018 National Competition

​​​Children's Literature Pre-K
10th Place- Megan McCarthy and Savannah Tessier, Portsmouth High School

Creative Lecture (TED Talk)
2nd Place- Stefne Ricci, Concord Regional Technical Center

Educators Rising Moment
8th Place- Aliemma Kanu, Concord Regional Technical Center

Exploring Student Support Services Careers
2nd Place- Ashley Remick, Portsmouth High School
7th Place- Emily Haywood-Minery, Concord Regional Technical Center

Impromptu Lesson
6th Place- Morgan Parrish, Concord Regional Technical Center

Job Interview
6th Place- Destynee Wilson, Concord Regional Technical Center
9th Place- Lexi Turner, Portsmouth High School

Public Speaking
​2nd Place- Tyler Restuccia, Concord Regional Technical Center
​10th Place- Meg LaCombe, Concord Regional Technical Center

Children’s Literature Pre-K

1. Tatiana Kuchtey and Ashley Remick- Portsmouth
2. Saeeda Khan and Alese Mehegan- CRTC
3. Emma Wheeler- SST
4. Tracie Dailey and Molly Reed- ConVal
5. Grace Murphy- MWVCTC

Exploring Student Support Services Careers

1. Jaden Phillips- CRTC
2. Saeeda Khan- CRTC
3. Cassie Darisse- Alvirne
4. Erin McFarland- CRTC

Ethical Dilemma

1. Erin McFarland and Elisabeth Valley- CRTC
2. Haley Robinson, Soraida Lopez, Emily Gagne, and Nia Brokenbrough- Portsmouth
3. Amanda Goeddeke-Wilcox, Alexandria Holme, Julia Flavo, and Patrick Marcoux- SST
4. Stefne Ricci, Morgan Parrish, and Kelsey Larson- CRTC
5. Leah Hobson, Ethan Hatch, and Mia Bellavance- Pinkerton

Researching Learning Challenges

1. Ashley Dube, Grace Baughman, and Ruby LaPlante- Pinkerton
2. Kati Cummings and Sarah Miner- CRTC
3. Trae Fisher and Mikaila Emmond- Cheshire

Job Interview

1. Megan Martin- MWVCTC
2. Leah Stone- ConVal
3. Sydney Johnson- SST
4. Patrick Marcoux- SST
5. Kelly Cryan- MWVCTC

Educators Rising Moment

1. Andrew Silsby- SST
2. Stefne Ricci- CRTC
3. Danielle Solomon- MWVCTC
4. Brittany Whiting- Alvirne
5. Emma Cox- CRTC

Children’s Literature K-3

1. Alexa Stevens and Elizabeth Omahen- Portsmouth
2. Chloe True- Pinkerton
3. Indiah Miles and Ashley Clark- Portsmouth
4. Emily Bean and Olivia Stewart- MWVCTC
5. Samantha Marcoux-SST

Exploring Non-core Teaching Careers

1. Morgan Parrish- CRTC
2. Lexi Turner- Portsmouth
3. Cailyn Dezotell- CRTC

Public Speaking

1. Megan McCarthy- Portsmouth

Results from the 2019 State Competition

*Students who placed in the top 5 are eligible to compete at Nationals in Dallas.

Creative Lecture (TED Talk)

1. Kelsey Larson- CRTC
2. Lexi Turner- Portsmouth
3. Jaden Phillips- CRTC
4. Emma Wheeler- SST
5. Kevin Wilcox- RWCTC