October 18th at

Plymouth State University





​Playful Engagement- Playfulness is the motivation to freely and joyfully engage with, connect with, and explore the surrounding world. Through hands-on games, participants will learn about the four domains of playfulness: joyfulness, active engagement, internal control, and social connection.  

Bad kids, Bad kids Whatcha Gonna Do?- We all hear those stories about impossible kids, most of us have stories to share. They all bring up the same thought,  “I’ve tried everything, they’re just so bad”. In my workshop we’re going to look beyond the classroom management side of teaching and instead focus on the emotional. I’m going to shares techniques to be able to dig deeper with students, to see what’s actually happening, and move past the mass labeling of “bad kids”.

Financial Aid Jeopardy- Designed with high school students in mind, this interactive and fun program introduces all things college financial aid - from exploring financial aid basics to creative ways to save and pay for college. Through interesting, relevant college facts we excite students to start planning now for their future.

Making Connections with Students- Participants will discuss ways to make connections with students and understand the importance of doing so.

Engaging Students- Engaging students will go over ways to connect with students in your classroom. One of the most important aspects of teaching is to find ways to engage with your students on a daily basis.

Music and movement in the Early Years- Come ready to move and dance in this hands on workshop!  Explore ways to help children engage, create and express themselves through finger plays, chants, songs and dance.   Participants will leave motivated and inspired to incorporate music and movement activities in all aspects of their curriculum!

“Can we talk?”- Using effective teacher language in the classroom to get children engaged, listening and active members of their learning. 

Cookie Monster: Setting Clear Expectations- Workshop Attendees will participate in the Cookie Monster Rubric Activity: using chocolate chip cookies and with the goal of establishing a rubric to determine the best chocolate chip cookie, student participants will experience and see the value in setting clear criteria and expectations for student work

Finding and Spreading Inspiration- Why it's our job to INSPIRE students, colleagues and the community and HOW we can go about CHANGING the world for the better.

Project-based Learning through Invention- This is a practical, interactive session which will give you hands-on lessons and rich text media content that you can use in your classroom to engage your students in project-based learning and ideation.  Globalization and the world of work is changing to become more project-based with information so readily at your finger tips. Your students need to learn to work as part of a team and develop the problem-solving skills to critically think their way to a solution. The example of the Invention Convention Unit will show an interdisciplinary project, the timeline involved and the skills developed (while having FUN doing it!).

Making Healthy Connections- A huge part of mindset is understanding why it works! Learning new information can be challenging and we may be tempted to give up. Understanding how our brain creates connections while learning can increase our persistence, stamina, and success! During this interactive workshop participants will: Understand key elements behind growth mindset, identify successes and challenges, learn how our brain “grows” which can increase motivation, help us persevere through challenges, increase willingness to accept new challenges, and have a healthier reaction to making mistakes

PSU Tour- explore the PSU campus and learn about all it has to offer you in your future.

College & Career Fair- During this session, you will have the opportunity to speak to representatives from colleges from all over New England as well as professionals from a wide range of careers in education and related fields.